Sunday, February 8, 2009

Having a Bad Attitude

I sometimes have a bad attitude. When I have bad attitude my mom tries to help me have a better attitude.

I felt mad when I threw a fit.
I felt sad when I had an attitude.
I didn't feel scared.
I feel glad that I am doing my blog.

I am grateful for:
1. AWESOME MOM!!!!!!
2. The Star Of Wonder book
3. Star is a horse.
4. Elvis
5. Coming home

The things I like about myself:
1. Trying to work hard.
2. Trying to be a normal kid.
3. My energy

Thank you for the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Sheri said...

You know what J? I sometimes have a bad attitude too. My husband has a very injured hip and I am having to do everything in the house myself and I had a bad attitude the other day.

Today I am just trying to enjoy my kids and we even made suckers and cookies this weekend!

Thanks for being honest!

Brie said...

Hi J!

I'm so happy I found your blog - I have an 8 year daughter with RAD. She is also in 2nd grade. She is having a very hard time right now, and is working very hard at pushing everyone away from her. I am going to show her your blog, so she can see there are other kids like her.

You are doing such a great job, and you should be so proud of all the progress you have made!

Have a wonderful week!

Carol said...

Hi Alyssa, I have been reading your blog and just wanted to tell you that I have a daughter with some of the same problems as you and when I read your words it helps me understand her better.

You are an amazing young lady!

Carol said...

Hi J, it's me again (Carol). I just saw that your name is J and Alyssa is someone else. I'm sorry I made a mistake there.