Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Journal

Miss. Torina: OOOOOH!!!! I love taking naps too, But I didn't take a nap yesterday.

I felt mad when I didn't want to go to my room.
I didn't feel sad.
I felt scared when my mom and I were walking with the really BIG dogs.
I feel glad because I saw an Indian at the reservation.

I am grateful for:
1. AWESOME MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Indian
3. The Cherokee Reservation
4. Sweet home sweet
5. My family
6. Breakfast at the Dillard House

The things I like about myself are:
1. Sweet
2. kind
3. loving

The best thing about my day was going to see the Cherokee. The worst thing about my day was the dogs and they were just the sweetest thing we ever seen! ♥♥

Thank you for the comment Miss Torina!!!!!!




Torina said...

I have two big dogs. They are super funny. One is a black lab named Haley. The other one is a husky named Chance. Chance likes to talk a like and makes funny howling noises. We like to say, "Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?" to her and she will howl back.

Jo said...

Gee, I see an indian every time I look in the mirror! We don't get to go back to the reservation much, it is 12 hr drive, but I try to go visit my family as much as I can.