Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Miss Sasha: That's how you make those cute little hearts. Do all keys at the same time.

Here's a picture of Puddin:

My Dad and I made up. He still doesn't understand. I feel safe now. But I didn't feel safe then.

When I act like a RAD kid I really feel sad and scared. My brain freezes and I forget how to act like a normal kid. I'm doing much better at catching myself before the Big Brain Freeze.

Sometimes when I act RAD it's because I've had too much fun. Nobody taught me how to act normal before my Mom. She helps me practice being a normal kid and what a normal kid would say.

Thank you for the comments!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥




jenniebee said...

I'm glad to hear you've made up with Daddy G!

I read in a book that if you want to be really good at anything, you have to spend 10,000 hours doing it, and that by the time you spend 10,000 hours doing anything, you're sure to be an expert at it. So every hour you practice being a normal little kid counts toward that 10,000, and when you get to that number you won't have to think about it anymore, you'll be so good at it it will all come naturally.

So hang in there, J! You are doing all the right things and someday soon you will feel like a superhero you will be so practiced at being brave and strong!

FaerieMama said...

J, I think about you EVERY day. Yup, every day. A long while ago your mom sent me a photo of you, and it is taped to the wall above my as i'm typing, I'm looking at YOU! ( and my daughter too...lOTS of pics of her!) Also, I gotta ask your mom where she got your green background. Its sooo pretty.
Have an awesome normal day!

Tracey said...

Hi J,

I like your description of the Big Brain Freeze. I can see that happening with my daughter, too. She knows how to act but she doesn't always do it. Now I understand that even if she knows what to do, she can't always do it. Thank you for explaining that to both of us!

Puddin is so cute! Do you have a cat at your house too? I have one dog and three cats.

Thank you for writing your blog. You are very brave!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Good description of the big brain freeze, I think my daughter has that happen too. It looks like she gets stuck, and cant stop what she was doing.

Hedgetoad said...

Puddin looks like a really good friend - I have a dog named Keavy who is my best friend. Her favorite game is "find the ball". What is Puddin's favorite game?

Thanks for you blog!

ConnieJ said...

Hi J!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am soooo proud of you! I was never this brave when I was a little kid.

Lots of Love,

Jo said...

The hard part about getting better at anything is having to practice, every single day. But if you keep it up, I promise, one day, it will be easy instead of hard.