Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Good Choices

Yesterday I didn't change it up. I had a RAD kid day. I had to be in control.♥

I had a good day today. I changed it up. I looked in my Mom's eyes and used rubbing. ♥♥

Today I felt mad when I had a bad attitude for a few minutes.

I didn't feel sad all day.

I felt scared and worried about the ski trip because new places are scary. Miss. Kristy gave me the pink hippo to help me. The pink hippo lives in my head.

I felt glad I stayed with my Mom all day. We went to the library and I got 20 books. I've already read 4 of them! We had lots of fun.

I am grateful for:

2. library books
3. pink hippo
4. ME
5. picture of Puddin

The things I like about myself are:

1. I am working hard.
2. I am trying to be a normal kid.
3. working on my blog.

I LOVE making good choices!!! ♥♥♥ It is fun. I just love it.

Thank you for the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




cloudmaster said...


Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Hi J! I recently found your blog and am so PROUD of you.

I have a little boy who is 5 years old. He is adopted too. He doesn't have RAD, but he does have lots of trouble with his angry and mad feelings.

It's hard to make good choices all the time -- for everybody. And I'm just so glad to hear you made lots of good ones today!

Your Newest Fan

dawnmei said...

Your pink hippo sounds like a good helper. I think it's awesome you are working so hard to make yourself better.

Smileygirl said...


You are an amazing girl. Reading about your life and how you are working so hard to make the right choices is very inspiring. I know it's not always easy but you have already come so far so keep up the great work! You are also helping so many other children and adults by expressing your thoughts and feelings. You are so smart! It's a wonderful thing you and your mom found each other, J.

This world is a better place because YOU are in it.

Take Care,

Maury said...

I am sorry you are scared thinking about your trip, but I am proud of you for expressing your feelings about it! You and your mom are both doing so great, I bet you will make it through the trip and do well. I hope you have a fun time!

Deborah said...

I just found your blog recently, J. You are amazing! I love the list of things you like about yourself. It sounds like you're working really hard on being a normal kid.

Jo said...

I hope you can feel safe enough to have fun in a new place. I understand why it would be so scary. Someday, hopefully, new places will just be fun. Hold Pink Hippo close in your mind and know you are safe and loved.

waldenbunch said...

Dear J I do not want to wright to you because I do not want to be honest. But my Mommy thought it would be a good idea to wright to you. I am not acting like a normal kid because I want to be In control, I do not like being away from control so long. Today at super my Daddy said something I did not like, I started staring at my plate and my brother and sister started to laugh at me, and it only made me even more mad. I would not look up from my plate the rest of supper. I hope I work harder on my heart