Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday and Today

I had good day!!!!! I didn't have to go to my room. I didn't have to go to bed. I wasn't mean to my Mom.

Miss. Motherissues: I love to read!!!!!! My favorite books are The American Girl books, and Don't Touch My Heart. Keep their room really, really, really plain. Don't give them too much stuff. They'll think they don't deserve it.

Miss. Sasha: I don't know but maybe tomorrow I will come up with something.

Miss. Rebecca: Yes it starts to go away eventually.

Stephanie: I bet it is SAD to leave your old church. Is it??????

Thank you everyone.

Today I was slow on dishes. I had a bad 5 minutes then I changed it up!

Thank you for the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Kristina P. said...

Those books sound awesome!

Jo said...

Good for you, changing it up after only five minutes. Good choice. I am still so very amazed at you! My daughters liked the American girl dolls books too when they were small. Have you read the ones about Kaya?

Ashira said...

I just found your blog, and I wanted to tell you that you sound like an amazing girl! Reading your blog brought a smile to my face, and I look forward to reading more about how much fun you sound like you're having being a normal little kid :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your answers, J. I liked the American Girl books when I was your age, although they were very new back then. To someone your age, the 1980s must sound like such old history there could be American Girl stories written about life then!