Friday, January 2, 2009


Good Morning!!!!!!

Look at my STICKERS!!!!!

Miss. Brenda: My MOM makes me feel the most safe when we do baby time and she doesn't let me be around STRANGERS.

Miss. Ashley: I snuggle with HONEY BUNNY!!! My Mom gave me Honey Bunny. Cuddle things are AWESOME!!!!!!!! It makes me feel awesome and safe when my mom cuddles. It's very safe under all the blankets. Can you tell me what it feels like to have cerebal palsy.

Miss. Linda: I was 5 when my mom found me. I wish my mom had found me when I was born. I felt mad because it took so long for her to find me.

Miss. Annette: I'm afraid other kids might not like me. I don't like to give up control to other people. That's scary.

Miss. Corrine: RAD is hard. Rad is old behavior. It means being mean to your mom, being mean to your pets, being mean to everyone. RADS don't trust anybody. RAD kids feel like they have to be in control. NORMAL kids don't. RAD feels scared, mad and being mean to everyone and every pet all the time.

The hardest part is not RELAXING and having to be in control.

Miss. Sassy: I feel like I have to be in control and not following the rules. RAD kids are not fun.



Kristina P. said...

I love your blog background! Thank you for sharing these.

I'm a social worker and I work with RAD kids often. It's nice to hear things from them.

Essie said...

I think my daughter is anxiously attached, like you. Thank you for taking the time to write down some of your feelings and why things happen. It is REALLY helpful for me to read as a mom. I am especially happy to read that you always want to keep trying.

Sheri said...


I love reading your thoughts and I think you are helping many many moms help their kids. Maybe you should grow up and be a therapist!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I just know that this blog is going to help a lot of people understand so much more about RAD. Thank you for your honesty.

Ashley said...

Hey there, Miss J

Honey Bunny *does* sound very awesome and I'm glad you got Honey Bunny from your Awesome Mom.

It is kind of interesting to be asked to describe what it feels like to have Cerebral Palsy- It's called CP for short. If you think of your muscles like strings on a puppet, my strings are too tight and tense because they get the wrong messages from my brain. It's hard to bend my legs to walk easily, or to use one of my hands (My left one) I use a wheelchair at school so I don't get too tired, and I use a cane when I am at home because there isn't as far to walk. My cane has butterflies on it right now- I had to get a new one this fall because my old blue one fell in a sewer- I decided I didn't want it back, ha ha.

I really liked your letter


Torina said...

Hi J,

Your mom has helped me a LOT by telling me about things that helped you with your RAD. I have three kids and two of them have RAD like you do. Have you ever met any other kids that have RAD?


Tudu said...

I am so excited about reading your blog. I think it is a great idea and I have read it to all my kids. They are trying to heal themselves and were excited to know that other kids are working hard, too.

reikichris said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog. You are doing a terrific job helping others :) I am so proud of you. It looks like your awesome mom has an awesome kid!

Sugar-n-Spice said...

Hi, J.

I have a little girl who is only 4 with RAD. Just today she's had a lot of trouble being nice to our pet. I was really feeling sad about that till I read your letter. I DID enjoy it, and you are such a great writer! You helped me remember that she is on a journey kind of like yours, and maybe she can begin to heal just like you! You are really helping me learn how to help her, since she is only 4 and can't tell me what she feels nearly as great as you've written here.

Thank you for writing this.

Beth said...

J- you are very brave! I use to work with children with RAD...but at that time they and we didn't know what it was called.

Keep up the good work...

Denise said...

Hi J!

I found your blog through Miss Torina's blog, and I've had such a good time reading it. You're a really good writer!

I have a son who is 8, and I call him JJ. I adopted him, too. He doesn't have RAD, but he likes things like Reiki and snuggling to calm him down. He loves to crawl inside his sleeping bag with his cuddle stuffed animals.

Some of my friends have adopted kids with RAD, and the things you've written are helping me understand more about what kids with RAD go through.

So thank you! :)

Miss Denise

Maia said...

Thanks for writing - it's very interesting to hear more about your life from your perspective. You are quite a cool kid! I have been reading your blog to some of my younger siblings who also were adopted and they also think it is cool to read.

Sassy said...

Thank you for answering my question J. I really appreciate it.

You did a great job answering everyone's questions and I'm sure there are lots of people reading your blog who are learning a lot from you.

I hope you keep blogging for a long time because it's fun meeting new people and I think you can teach a lot of people about RAD and how it makes you feel.

Kath said...

Hi J!

I found your blog through your mom's blog and I think you totally are a star!
I bet you are helping so many other children with RAD, and thank you for writing such a cool blog!


Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

Wow J,

You are doing so well! I have a good feeling this will help parents with young RAD kids better understand thier kiddos.

Keep up the great work! I am going to add you to the blogs I follow as an Adoptive Parent to Be - In Training. Meg