Sunday, January 4, 2009


R: I love weighted blankets too. It feels safe.

Stephanie: I feel scared around new people and lots of people. I used to make myself sick too. I threw up on my Mom alot. If she gave me something sweet I would throw it up under my bed. Back then I didn't want my Mom's LOVE, but now I do!!!!!

Bethany: when I get mad I throw a fit. Now most of the time I use other ways to get my mad out. It's HARD!!!!!!!!!!

Remember: Love is STRONGER than fear. Listen to your Mom all the time.

Thank you for the comments. I LOVE comments!!!! Thank you for being BRAVE!!!!!!!

My Mom and I are making videos on tapping and brushing and rubbing. If you want to see them email my mom.


Kristina P. said...

Your write such beautiful things! I thought you were 12, not 8!

Carol E. said...

"Love is stronger than fear." That is a GREAT life motto. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anne said...

I think you are a very brave, smart girl, and I love your writing. Keep up the great work, you have so much to offer others!

cloudmaster said...

I am fascinated by your writing. I also find it very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

woolywoman said...

You write very well! I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for being brave enough to write these letters.